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Be Healthy.

Health Coaching Curated for your soul and your body. No diet. No counting calories. A fluid approach and a growth mindset.

Discover your Path to Health

Holistic Wellness

Hasidic  Wisdom

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How to journal your way to clarity, creation, and confidence.
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A guide for determining your purpose and passion
Think Clear, Feel Light, and Perform Your Best
(Regardless of the Circumstances)
Solomon has a great way of putting things into perspective for me. It’s not the ordinary perspective of the collective. But putting things in a perspective that resonates with me as an individual and highlights things that maybe I didn’t even notice about myself. The combination of his patience and knowledge allow him to teach and instill practices that, although simple, are very effective and garner results. I would highly recommend meeting with Solomon to any athlete or individual who is looking to grow from within. This can be done at any stage of life for any individual. I’m confident that Solomon is able to meet anyone exactly where they are in their life journey — Drake, former Division 1 Basketball Player
Having struggled with performing my best on the basketball court, and listening to and trusting myself with decisions,
it turns out the answer to my life's questions was at the tip of my fingers...

By evolving my mindset with meditation and prayer, while creating physical harmony with nutrition and fitness, I was able to transform biting my nails into living in focus, peace, and confidence regardless of the circumstances.  
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