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Solomon is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach and former college basketball athlete. After graduating from college, he was planning on getting an MBA and play a final year of basketball but chose not to continue. Solomon decided to take a step back, to perceive and to question the things he had been doing. For example, he continuously asked himself, "what is it about basketball I love so much?"  Over days some answers arose, but the answer settled in about a week of meditation and contemplation.

"The zone," he thought as goose bumps arose in unison. The moments of a rapturous bond with the the present moment and everything flowing naturally. On the court, the basket would look as open as a hula hoop when shooting, agility as graceful as a ballerina, and movements played in harmony like chords on a piano, even turnovers felt perfect and led to greater plays. Beyond the zone on the court, Solomon was in the zone during the daily practice of training off the court , in the process of growth. 
"I believe we can live life that way,"he said finishing the thought.  Rather than make a goal like playing in the NBA, he chose to make that zone his intention. That intention guided him to organically study and do things where he'd be in the zone – nutrition, psychology, spirituality, mindset, passion, epigenetics, meditation and prayer, mysticism, how to listen to intuition, and the list goes on. It led him to the Institute of Transformational Nutrition where he graduated in August 2019 (to read more about his journey with ITN click

Using his knowledge from this certification, a mental health certification, personal  research, experience as a college athlete, and unique set of tools and techniques to reveal clarity and health in one's life, Solomon can help you improve your health and/or sports performance with nutrition and fitness, mindset, meditation, designing a future vision, releasing undesired habits, and more.

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If you're looking for someone who genuinely cares about your health and well-being than look no further than Solomon. His whole heart is behind his efforts in helping you achieve what you are wanting to achieve. I particularly appreciate his ability to go deep into certain factors that may be contributing to anything in your life or health that may feel less than ideal.

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Solomon has been such a blessing in my life. His multi-faceted approach to health is so inspiring. He's helped me so much to ask more meaningful questions and to dig deeper. His energy is safe and I know I can share with him almost anything. Solomon is so creative and really cares about the best health approach for YOU. Thankful for his guidance and friendship.


Solomon is one of the wisest men I know. He goes above and beyond what you need in coaching and does so through healthy insight spiritually and emotionally. Everything he shares is based on a strong foundation of faith and he truly brings light into your life.

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