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Image by Zac Durant

Ready to stack odds in your favor for your health? 

Work with me to build a plan that works in harmony physically, mentally, and spiritually. Together we will address each aspect of your health with meditation, nutrition, movement, and other life style changes to stack odds in your favor.

Live Wholesomely regardless of the circumstances.

שhole Coaching


Are you an athlete looking for personalized mental performance support?

I offer one on one training to help athletes understand how their mind works, so they can develop confidence in their performance on and off the court.

Mind∙Set∙Go ⛹🏻‍♂️


Ready to release a habit that's limiting you from living a life of certainty?​

Work with me to transform doubt, uncertainty, and limiting habits into living in certainty and confidence. Together we will address your mindset to uncover the obvious ways and the elusive ways that keep you feeling uncertain and unworthy. 

Living Your Life of Certainty is Possible.

Cultivate Certainty👨🏽‍🌾

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