What Clients are Saying
He is an amazing, life-changing coach who helped me get through one of my challenges with mindfulness techniques, approaches, imagery of doing well, and coping strategies. His work, positive attitude, and unique focus with nutrition helped me gain perspective on the world in such a positive way. I definitely would not be where I am today without him.
- Anonymous
I’m really grateful to Solomon for the session we had. He gave me an opportunity to look at my routine from a different perspective and provided me the great tools. I got aware of the things that take up much of my free time and now I feel I can change things around and implement new healthy habits.
- Anna V
I can always count on Solomon for his great advice, wisdom, and calmness. He has special talent for meditation and his voice is very calming and therapeutic.During our sessions I realized he has a gift for asking the right questions. Solomon has a good energy that is very welcoming and plentiful. After sessions or any interaction, I feel great! 
- RM