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Why Joy is Emphasized

The Jewish holiday season - the one where back in grade school classmates thought I was sick for missing many days of school - from the new year Rosh Hashanah throughout the receiving of the Torah from God on Simchat Torah comes full circle Saturday night (Tishrei 23, October 10).

As this new year unfolds and we start reading the Torah at the beginning, I'd like to share a perception about joy and why the joy of Sukkot - the seven days celebrated in the sukkah commemorating the shelter God had over the Jewish people as they traveled from Egypt to Israel - as said in the Holiday Amidah prayer as, "the season of our rejoicing" is beyond a feeling of joy. Rather, the joy of Sukkot is a state of being to be attained and maintained throughout the entire year! 🍋🌿

Is joy just a feeling?