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What I Learned from and experienced during a social media retreat

At the end of each month I review my wins and areas of improvement, and I set some areas of focus and intentions for the upcoming month. One of them for the month of August was to take a social media retreat and see what it could free up for me. Below are some lessons I learned from taking 31 days off along with wonderful experiences I welcomed during that time, that had I not taken the time off I might not have done as quickly or effortlessly:

Freeing Mental Energy

I never thought I was hooked to social media, because I didn't get on more than 1 hour a day. However, I was shocked at how I still had a tendency to want to go on social media during mundane moments, like being a passenger in the car or waiting for someone for a meeting. By setting up a retreat I was able to reset my thoughts and feelings around social media. Simply having "getting on social media"as a possibility created some thoughts around it. I know it may seem small, but, if you believe thoughts control focus, then some thoughts like "hmm I could get on social and look at what this guy's learning" can actually demand your attention.