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Vision of the Future

While reading Joe Dispenza’s book, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, I began to live by a vision of the future I desire. I meditate and go through the day with the vision of receiving clarity for what it is I really want.

There are some things that I think I want and there are things I know I want, and I think we all have these ideas. Things I think I want could be a concert I’d like to go to, or a pair of new glasses. These are all great things, but sometimes they are not what we really want (first and foremost). Something we really want is a knowing, it resonates with who we are.

What I really want is more clarity with purpose, alignment with who I am. The things that resonate with me are holistic health, fitness, nutrition, psychology, creativity, spirituality, relationships – things that better the health and well-being of others and myself.

I received more clarity when I came home to Houston for a week and even experienced a truly synchronistic event. At a party with my mother, I spoke to an old friend’s (from pre-school!) mom about callings, passions, and interests. While speaking with her I started sensing strong feelings around the topics of nutrition, psychology spirituality, and overall health and well-being, the things I know align with who I am. Speaking with her really allowed for more clarity about what it is I’d like to do.

But that event itself isn’t the craziest thing…

When my mother and I went home, I decided to listen to a specific episode of The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson (If you haven’t listened to the podcast, I highly suggest diving into it; it is the #1 rated health podcast in the US.). The episode was Transforming your body, mind, and the health coaching industrywith Cynthia Garcia. On the episode, they discuss a transformational nutrition program that covers the science of nutrition, the psychology of nutrition, and the spirituality of nutrition. A certification that covers all that I am so passionate about. The episode was from September 11 and for some reason I kept delaying listening to it. Nevertheless, about a month later, and after the party with my mom, I clicked on to listen.

During the introduction of the podcast, Shawn has an ITunes review of the week.

Guess who’s review it was…


I was so grateful for his team choosing my review and for the clarity it brought for my journey. One that truly was in response to the way I was being.

The outcome was unpredictable and synchronistic and from my internal efforts. I have not started the program just yet, but it brought so much clarity to my intention.

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