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ReCreating & ReImagining

I have been enjoying the meaningful conversations I have been sharing with inspiring people on the Gamut of Solomon, but I really wanted to reimagine and recreate the podcast and my website in a way that creates extraordinary value.

One of the ways I hope to do that is by bringing on inspiring and influential voices who are here to help you and me be at the peak of our health physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so we can live our life in the zone individually and collectively. When we are living our life in the zone our life flows naturally, our relationships are stronger, we are clear intellectually, we are emotionally stable, and thus, the ebb moments of life don’t phase us.

Have you heard the funny saying, "if you think you're enlightened go spend a week with your family." Well, when we're in our zone we're less likely to get into arguments with our parents and that week at home might actually be better.

We can stand strong and walk through the ebb moments of life and know that nothing can stand in the way of our persistence and determination to live our best life.

What you (and I) can expect:

If you received my email (sign up here on the slide in box) from earlier today (March 20, 2019), you might have seen these already.

Ebb & Flow Podcast

As mentioned above, I really wanted to reimagine and recreate the podcast in a way that creates extraordinary value for you and me to apply to our lives. I have found that I love learning new things about health and wellness, personal growth, religion & spirituality, but knowledge unapplied is not true knowledge. The old saying, "knowledge is power" has been transformed to "knowledge is potential power." For you and I to learn something, we must personalize the information and apply it.

Coming up: I have had the pleasure to share a conversation with a few of my favorite doctors and trainers that will begin the reimagined podcast.

Until then you can Listen to the 22 episodes of the Gamut of Solomon Here.

Email Marketing

One of the types of blogs I enjoyed writing were the weekly updates, or weekly 6, and have been coming of with new ideas to write about.

The updates might include recorded podcasts, blogs written, favorite quotes, new words to learn, great questions, books to read, and more.

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New Blogs

In addition to email updates, I am working on new blog topics and ideas to write about. The blogs will most likely revolve around the main concept of the zone or the flow. Thus, it might be about health and wellness, productivity, mindset, environment, and more ideas to get in the zone.

Thanks for tuning in thus far, I hope you are as excited for the Ebb & Flow podcast as I am but to make sure you don't miss an episode subscribe to my podcast, sign up for my email list, checkout YouTube, or visit to learn more about it all.

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