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It has been a couple months since I had an update on what new things I have been enjoying and how my life has been unfolding.

So here is what I have been up to since my post Clear & Focused. The Weekly 6 + 3 additional updates.

Clarity I received for my life’s purpose and passion:

I have another blog post about how I received more clarity on what I enjoy – nutrition, psychology, transformation, holistic health, etc.

Quotes I live by:

Tomorrow will never come unless you begin to enjoy what you are doing now”

~Eckhart Tolle

“A good person dyes events with his own color and turns whatever happens to his benefit”

~ Seneca

Books I have read, and am reading:

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

This book can serve many purposes for the reader. One function it really served me was how it helped me recognize the ego within me whenever it tries to regain control over my intentions. A New Earth really presents resonating truths around consciousness, the core of ego, where our limited thoughts may come from (pain bodies), who we really are, and awakening to one’s life purpose. I highly suggest it to readers, but it will not make sense if one does not believe in what he’s talking about. I have also been enjoying Oprah’s webcast with Eckhart Tolle where they discuss each chapter.

I have also been rereading Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho because they are truly fascinating.

A great tip with reading books:

In the Youtube video, Evening Routine with Tim Ferris, Tim talks about how he reads a fiction book towards bedtime. He explains that he won’t read a nonfiction book, i.e. business or psychology, because it keeps the “problem solving apparatus in gear” which is not helpful for one downregulating at night.

I have utilized this tip and really enjoy reading something nonfiction in the morning and a fun fiction book that turns on my imagination in the evening. Currently, the fiction book I just started is The Island by Aldous Huxley.

Lessons from my Dad (the most interesting man in the world):

If you know yourself, you are the most interesting man in the world. If you don’t you will be scared.

My dad shared this with me before a Itzhak Perlman concert I went to on my own. It was after a near-unfortunate event where I got fooled by an online seller for concert tickets. Luckily, no money was stolen and I ended up going to the concert. My father wasn’t able to join me but he expressed this lesson in regard to doing some things by myself. If you know yourself well, you can have a really great time doing what you love with the one person that’s always with you… yourself (ha!).

Food for Fuel

Cordyceps Mushroom

This fungus has been used for thousands of years as a performance enhancer, lung and energy production. According to the Four Sigmaticonline course, “cordyceps is shown to increase our maximum oxygen intake by up to 15%!”

If you are trying to get off of relying on too much caffeine, adding this to a smoothie or one small cup of coffee will definitely help your body’s own natural energy, ATP production.

I really enjoy Four Sigmatic’s cordyceps, but am currently tryinng the company OM’s cordyceps mushroom. It has been a tremendous addition to my smoothies and coffees.

If you’d like $10 off Four Sigmatic’s mushrooms, you can message me!

New life lesson put into practice:

Flexible with routines

In an earlier post, I spoke about morning routines and how great they can be for priming the day. However, there was a time that I was so rigid with my morning routine that if I missed something I would let it affect my mood for the day (this is where Joe Dispenza’s book helped). Now, I have trained myself to enjoy my morning routines more. It shouldn’t be anything daunting or boring, but rather exciting and fun – things I should want to do, but also not so reliant on. Nowadays, I know that there are some things I must do in order to be at my best during the day and other things that I can do most days. For example, drinking water first thing in the morning is essential because our bodies lose so much over the night. On the other hand, working out is actually something that if I miss, the day won’t be ruined.

New Workout over the past 6 weeks:

Throughout high school and college sports, I have always been taught training in the weight room. When we would workout we would do the typical bench presses and squats; however, we didn’t learn the fundamentals of training i.e. bodyweight training. I had some experience with additional trainers but am now motivated to be an expert at training with just my body. I enjoy going back to the basics because no matter where I am in life, I can do bodyweight training like HIIT training, Tabata workouts, and more. The fundamental movements and mobility were always more engaging to me because I think mobility is more useful than merely being bigger.

Standup Comedy

Last week I tried standup comedy and received some pretty good support. Whereas other performers planned what they'd say and looked at their phones for help, I went up to get a feel for the stage with a little preparation. Although I understand some preparation is necessary, my intention was to go with the flow. It was a great experience to be on stage and it felt good!

I'd like to leave you with a question to go on with during the day:

What would it be like to receive compassion today? We all already know an answer that best suits us individually.

Enjoy the weekend!

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