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My results and reflections from Mindvalley's Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance Quest with Marisa Peer.

I finished the RTHA Quest a few weeks ago and, after 2 days of an information detox after finishing, I became more aware of a false belief.

Why did I go on an information detox? Well, because I was trying to consume so much information at once, without ever consulting with myself what’s most important. To accurately describe, I was trying to do my own meditation in the mornings, the Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions (RTT’s) in the morning and evening, Lifebook (another quest), a nutrition certification I started, applying for jobs, building my podcast, writing, working out, etc. without ever designing a structure and sticking to it. You may be able to imagine that this quickly led to overwhelming feelings and to me at the corner of uncertainty and despair. So, I took off this week from doing RTT’s and, thanks to a friend, learned to prioritize rest and relaxation.

After some time off, I wrote some wonderful reflections from the course:

1. I learned that my intuition is very strong and gives me a lot of signs. I learned that I had a false belief that “I won’t do the work (like I did for basketball) to become the next (insert big influential person, like Oprah). Now that I am aware of this limiting belief I am sure to cultivate a well-designed structure for my week that promotes spectacular fun and unending fulfillment.

a. I will continue to ask myself if I need discipline, or if what I am doing is compelling enough.

2. I strongly feel that I AM significant and capable of achieving anything. Although, some days may be more challenging, I know I can do anything and what held me back. Plus, I am lovable and since I know that, so too does everyone else.

3. I have a clear vision for my love relationship and understand I must meet my own needs in order to attract the extraordinary, abundant wife I will marry.

4. I learned that my unique talents are greater than simply being able to score a ball, but they are innate to my being. I am genuine, open, positive, willing and able, self-aware, compassionate, confident, unstoppable, personable, caring, kind, like-able, have broad interests, athletic, and much more. I know I want to share my abundance with the world so we are all living in a prosperous, empowering way.

5. I have learned that I deal well with destructive criticism. Having clarity on my visions helps me guard from letting in this negativity as well. It is challenging to do with family and dear friends, but I understand my opinion is most important.

6. Thanks to my information detox, I do have more clarity on dealing with stressful situations and what it looks like when I don’t consult with myself or prioritize or remember to HAVE FUN.

7. My abundant life feels effortless and fresh, full of joy and excitement, at peak performance. It sounds like beautiful birds chirping and wind bristling. All around the world. It has gourmet, nutritious tastes around the world. It is fulfilling and looks however I want it to be.

8. I have a tribe that supports me. Although, I do understand that no matter how much time I want to spend interacting on the tribe(s), It is important that I also limit my time on facebook.

I was gifted this course and thought it would be fun to see what knowledge I could gain. I recommend being open and curious to what different courses have to offer. This one was a nice nose dive into the beliefs we subconsciously created in our childhood, becoming aware of them, and rewiring new empowering beliefs.

I also recorded a podcast with the Facebook tribe facilitator, Ezra Mitchel, to talk about his story and time at Mindvalley! It will be released the week of February 4, 2019.

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