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It's time to say Goodbye🎶

Two or so years ago when I was in Dallas, Andrea Bocelli was having a concert and I really wanted to go with my mother. We used to sing and dance to It’s time to say goodbye. I set an intention that we’d be at his concert and in some meditations I would envision being at his concert with my mom and singing to our favorite song. It didn’t happen in Dallas, nor the following year. Until this past week - after it became something I let go of wanting - a close friend of ours called my mother as we were leaving to buy groceries with exciting news. She offered us two tickets to the concert! We were exhilarated with this surprising news!

A short reminder for us in regard to our desires. We have the creative ability to choose what we want and why we want it, but the how and when is up to G-d.

Some of our intentions may take a few years to manifest, but ultimately if we let go and trust, they will all arrive at the perfect time, the ripe time. 🍎

May all your needs be met and desires be spontaneously fulfilled!

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