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Is it/It is

The same two words, yet the former is a question and the latter a declaration. Often in making decisions and cultivating clarity in our life, we can feel afraid to be specific and precise about what we want. It doesn’t mean there cannot be a change to what we want, but precision and accuracy help with focus and attraction of that particular want. Whenever we have what-ifs we push back on what we want.

Sometimes we just want ice cream and if chocolate 🍫🍨 shows up we’ll eat it, but if we really had our heart set on pistachio we’ll get it. The likelihood goes up if we’re focused on 2 scoops of pistachio ice cream served in a bowl with a wafer - while also allowing for something else like chocolate.

It’s really about being specific and sensitive to what is a yes and what is a no to you. One realization that helped me practice being more specific is that specificity does not mean narrow-minded.

Where might you be able to practice being more specific?

Think of it as an Address. 🏡 There are about x thousand people that live in your neighborhood, but if I want a package to get to your home and not any other address, I have to be clear with the specific name, house number, zip code, and so on. Another great example is a website address where one simple character can lead to a completely different site or an error message.

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