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If not now, When? אם לא עכשיו אימתי

Updated: Jan 8, 2018

To my fellow JAPPs (Jewish American Princes and Princesses),

The time of Moshiach is now and not many of us are aware. We live in an amazing time and an amazing place. Technology is at its finest and is only getting better, knowledge and the study of knowledge is getting brighter, and, in my opinion, health, due to recent findings, is beginning to look like kosher is the way to go.

Yet, many of us forget our family history and the history of our culture. We assimilate, or eat unkosher, or forget to celebrate Shabbat, allowing Sunday to be our rest day with our fellow non-Jews. Voluntarily – I hope not – or not, we should not lose touch of that which is deepest and strongest within us. In such a revolutionary time, our Jewish identities should be what we are most proud of. I recently meditated with Headspace, and the relaxing voice of Andy asked, “what’s the most important thing in your life right now?” The purpose of the practice is not to think about an answer, but to see what the mind automatically falls on. Mine was my Jewish faith.

We must all seek to learn all we can about the true Messiah and discover that which is astonishingly inspiring! I will get to more about the time when Moshiach comes, but for now it is important to know that we are in the time of his arrival. He really could come any day now. Our ancient teachings explain that the Messiah will come by, at the latest, the year 6000. We are in the year 5777. That is 223 years from now *applaud to us jews for being good with numbers* This is incredibly soon, however; it is difficult to say our generation will live 223 years. I will not say impossible, because who knows where technology will take us and G-d willing G-d will grant us longer life full of Aroma coffee, shwarma, yoga, and all our Jewish must-haves.

In O’lam Haba, the world to come, spiritual existence will be at a high and humanity will be at the top of science and will finally understand true knowledge of G-d.

Find your Judaism and grasp on to it. Just like our ancestors did while grasping on to their last days in the ghettos, we should fight to keep our Judaism alive.

We all should also find something Jewish to add more consistently to our daily lives. When we do, there is no telling that the Moshiach will come sooner!

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