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Do you give yourself enough Credit?

I felt a bit impatient this week because things didn’t seem to be how I envisioned them. Yet, in a final call with a business coach, I remembered that events unfold how they’re meant to. I can choose how to react.

You surely know this and are probably well on your way to living it. My coach, though, posed a couple questions I really liked:

  1. If the things you wanted right now were here would you be ready for it?

  2. What would make you happiest right now?

On the first question, I remembered watching an episode of The Profit with Marcus Lemonis and he was supporting a family business that made brownies, cakes, and the like. In order to make a point and show the owners the bottleneck in their business, he promoted the business to his large following on social media. Within hours they had hundreds of orders, which they could not fulfill. Unfortunately - or fortunately - they had to cancel many of the orders simply because the systems were not established.

In terms of Chassidus, this concept is like lights in vessels. While it can apply to physical light or energy for appliances (one time I plugged in a trimmer from America in Israel and there was an electric overload leaving the trimmer useless LOL), light and vessel can also refer to the intellect and the brain. Have you ever had an experience where someone taught you so much information it overwhelmed you? Yea, me too. The physical vessel can only receive the light it’s capable of sustaining.

Perhaps we actually are where we’re meant to be - physically and spiritually. As we continuously grow and expand, refining ourselves physically and spiritually, and updating our business processes, we can exercise gratitude in the ‘light’ we have now.

Sometimes we envy how other people heal from injuries or garner success in business quicker than we do, but often we’re just not giving ourselves appropriate credit for the journey we’ve been on.

To the second question, what might make us happiest right now is to relax, to spend time with our parents or with our children, or to take a walk. This, however, does not mean happiness as a momentary pleasure, but that which actually proves worthwhile in the long term.

One thing I know to be true is:

If you celebrate Life, Life will celebrate you

Celebrate the wins and recognize the good in life.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a letter about G-d’s goodness from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Healthy in Body, Mind, & Spirit:

“if it is delayed, it is likely because at a later time G-d’s beneficence will be in a much greater manner in both quantity and quality.”
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