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Cultivate Certainty - Short

My whole family has been home for the past week, including my sister-in-law. She invited us earlier this week to get manicures and pedicures. It inspired me and gave me confidence to finally share (at least a short version) this challenge I faced each day that also inspires me to help people with similar challenges.

Growing up I would bite my fingernails chronically without knowing the reason why nor understanding the consequences. I tried different things to prevent the habit from putting cayenne pepper drops on my nails to covering the nails with acrylic nails. All of which were stepping stones to what finally has been working, but never addressed the root of the problem. They were each external solutions, but over the past 3 years I learned that real change must come from within. As you may be able to pick up if you’ve been following my work, this is where meditation has been pivotal in how I have been ‘breaking’ the habit. In short, it has provided the internal space to observe what’s going on, confront it face to face, and allow for healing to occur - no matter how long it would take. I can tell you it has been turbulent at times, but I never lost sight of seeing and sensing beautiful hands and fingernails emerging. Having a manicure has been another stepping stone towards this vision.

Are my hands and fingernails at the point where I envision completely? Not yet. But I know that the beauty continues to emerge as I continue to unwire thoughts of doubt and uncertainty and fire thoughts of confidence and certainty.

I have been writing a longer version of this journey using science and ancient wisdom to explain how I continue to achieve. Stay tuned to read it and share with someone you know who is overcoming any addiction.

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