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5 Reasons to Get in the cold water

Since the beginning of December 2020, I began to plunge into my neighbors pool with hopes that hear in Houston, TX it would be cold. And thank God it has been cold and refreshing. Actually at the time of this video we had below freezing temperatures!

Now, you may have some familiarity with cold thermogenesis, cryotherapy, or the like, so my hope is that you see cold water therapy in a new way that encourages you to reconsider doing it each morning. It is a simple and quick, yet often challenging addition to your day, but truly offers a host of benefits to your fat loss, mindset, clarity of mind, and energy throughout the day.

Here are a 5 of my favorite reasons to get in the cold water - As mentioned in the video

  1. You face a little fear each morning and get that negative critic out of the way - prior to checking the phone and responding to demands of the day the cold water acts as a cleanse and purifier that wakes you up. It is challenging, for example, to break a habit and to get out of what's comfortable, and the best way to break free is to plunge forth into the water and emerge fresh!

  2. It activates your Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), which with continuous practice actually activates the Parasympathetic NS. As you regulate your breath in the cold, it positively effects your Vagus Nerve (VN) activation and has anti inflammatory effects (explained further in the video above).

    1. The VN originates in the brain stem and it senses, processes, and regulates the vast majority of automatic functions of the body. - Activate Your Vagus Nerve 📘

  3. It puts you into an alpha brain wave state

    1. "the alpha wave state that is associated with a meditative sense of calm is much easier to achieve in the ice bath than it is on a warm, dry mat"

  4. Puts you in a good mood and boosts your energy by releasing hormones like norepinephrine, which helps with feelings of well being. There's less thinking going on.

    1. "Additionally, due to the high density of cold receptors in the skin, a cold shower is expected to send an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain, which could result in an anti-depressive effect. "— How Cold Showers can ... boost your mental health

  5. It can help with circulation by constricting the blood vessels, thus reducing blood to an area, and reduces swelling and inflammation muscle soreness. Also, it helps with fat loss because "cold exposure stimulates brown fat to burn white fat." The cold increase the metabolically active BAT , which will enhance your capacity to burn fat (Boundless, by Ben Greenfield).

Some of these reasons I think are still being studied and researched, so I included them based on how I noticed it has helped my father and myself.

Quotes on benefits of Cold Water immersion


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