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Best Self Journal

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Dear Best Self Journal,

A little over 2 years ago I got into journaling – asking myself questions and writing them down. Those that love to write can relate with how liberating it is to simply, as Tim Ferris would say, “brain vomit” on a page.

With the teenage years coming to a close and a journal to write anything and everything, I became aware of the adolescent monkey mind in me. However, as I wrote down ideas and thoughts, there was less noise, less chatter, and more ‘ooh that’s a great idea, I gotta write that down.’ Incrementally, writing about ideas turned into asking myself questions and visually seeing how I felt as opposed to leaving thoughts in my head.

The joy with writing what I am grateful for invited me to see even more things to be grateful for. The freedom with writing my daily school schedule allowed for more free thinking. The clarification of writing my intention for a day brought a powerful perspective to take place in my mind. The more I wrote about, the more I became aware of the world around me for what it really is. It became clear that it is a reflection of what I focus on – brain rule number 1.

Writing became a voracious activity and finding a great journal to do that was my intention. Two years later and a couple Best Self journals on the shelf, I am aware that having a strong intention with various elements and conditions for that intention invites the vision to me. Since I had already been writing down my schedule, ideas and doodles, daily gratitude, and intentions/goals, I did not have to finda journal because it would find me…very fast. Fast enough that I think the old saying, “faster than you can say (insert a long word)” is actually appropriate. After my morning journaling, I opened Instagram and scrolled through posts only to find an ad for the Best Self journal.

*I clicked on the ad and checked out the website*

To my surprise, the journal you co-created fulfilled all the elements I desired in a journal and more. The schedule, the dotted lines (man I love those), gratitude sections, and goal at the top hit my ideal journal. In addition to the elements I had in mind, there were daily quotes that help with perspective, three things to achieve in the day, goal setting, pages in the back, and more.

This is a simple, yet accurate representation of setting an intention with specific elements and conditions and proof that, “things usually work out better than I had imagined.”

Thank you for creating.

I am a big fan of productivity hacks and the Best Self Journal has really helped me. I reached out to them to see if I can get an ambassador code, so if you would like to tryout the Best Self journal you can go to and use the code idealself for 15% off your first order.

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