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Best Self Journal

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Dear Best Self Journal,

A little over 2 years ago I got into journaling – asking myself questions and writing them down. Those that love to write can relate with how liberating it is to simply, as Tim Ferris would say, “brain vomit” on a page.

With the teenage years coming to a close and a journal to write anything and everything, I became aware of the adolescent monkey mind in me. However, as I wrote down ideas and thoughts, there was less noise, less chatter, and more ‘ooh that’s a great idea, I gotta write that down.’ Incrementally, writing about ideas turned into asking myself questions and visually seeing how I felt as opposed to leaving thoughts in my head.

The joy with writing what I am grateful for invited me to see even more things to be grateful for. The freedom with writing my daily school schedule allowed for more free thinking. The clarification of writing my intention for a day brought a powerful perspective to take place in my mind. The more I wrote about, the more I became aware of the world around me for what it really is. It became clear that it is a reflection of what I focus on – brain rule number 1.