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Lifebook Story

The following is a review of a recent Mindvalley course I took called Lifebook:

The story of my Lifebook begins last December as I was finishing up my first Mindvalley quest, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy for Abundance. I learned about an abundance mindset and how to translate that into different areas of my life. I was hooked and started becoming aware of the limiting beliefs I had in different areas of my life. I remember being filled with possibility that I can actually learn many things, create a vision for my life, and wire in empowering beliefs by listening to the hypnotherapy audios.

Since it is challenging to let go of old thought patterns, there was one day I vividly remember letting go of a creation I had in my mind. I was now aware that I could design my abundant life in different categories of my life, yet also felt overwhelmed with wanting to learn advanced knowledge in my health, relationships, family life, intellectual life, emotional life, and more. I sat upright in front of a brown table after one of the RTHA lessons, back facing the window with light flowing in. "Man, it would be nice to be able to organize all of my beliefs and visions about all these areas of life," I thought right before I did an RTT session for abundance. The session ended and I started preparing the rest of the day and checked my email. To my pleasant surprise, there was an email from Mindvalley which introduced Lifebook. After watching the masterclass, I was hesitant to make the commitment, but realized that this manifested and I must do it. So I did.

My biggest aha moment is that in Lifebook we DESIGN our life, but we are NOT CONFINED to what we design. There is much power of creation we individually get to participate in by bringing consciousness to areas of our life, but one of the keys is not getting too attached to what we design. Our Lifebook becomes more of a preference we have for our coming years and allows us to be open to more blessings and synchronicities the Universe brings. In addition, learning that it is an ongoing process really allowed for ease in creation of it because then I had no fear of end-all-be-all with what I wrote down.

I finished Lifebook and Lifebook Mastery around April 20th. Throughout the process I really learned how to become increasingly aware of thought and behavior patterns and listen to my intuition to join the flow of my designed Lifebook visions. A lot of the transformations have been internal, but the specific results externally have been: becoming a Mindvalley ambassador for RTHA and Lifebook where I get to support new students and continuously be connected to other's passionate about personal growth and learning to let go and trust that I am a magnet for my visions, and, most importantly, being in a state of joy no matter what.

I would recommend Lifebook to people who are passionate about personal growth and wanting to discover their own unique voice. I think Lifebook comes for the individual who is ready and willing to unlearn limiting beliefs about life and relearn new, empowering one's.

To check out more about Lifebook, check the link below:

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