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Big Island of Hawaii 2019

At the end of my blog about what I learned and experienced during a social media retreat, I wrote about how I started the manifesting of a trip to Hawaii. Here's how my trip went and the additional wonderful experiences, lessons learned, and support received.

Intention for the trip - Connect with real self compassionately

The first day I arrived to Hawaii I was excited to do all the things I wanted to do and see all the things I wanted to see. However, I quickly found out that I had a lot of things I wanted to do and that it wouldn't be possible. Even if it were possible, what I really wanted was to enjoy the experiences rather than just hit the things on my list.

My first full day there, I was up at about 3:30 am and even went swimming with some trainers by Kailua Pier during sunrise, where the annual Ironman race takes place (no I didn't swim as far as they did!). Jet lag or not, after swimming, grabbing a flat espresso with macadamia nut milk, and hitting the Kona farmers market for some papaya and dragon fruit, I felt like I hit a wall. However, I wanted to go and do more worried that I wouldn't be able to see everything in the next few days. Thankfully, I caught myself and remembered the lesson I wrote in the paragraph above. I was considering taking a nap. Similar to R. Kelly's lyrics in the song Bump and Grind, my mind was telling me no, but my body, my body was tellin' yes. So, I listened to the wisdom of my body, rested and read by the pool and then napped for a bit in the hotel bed. I was reading a chapter about intentions in Kyle Cease's book, The Illusion of Money and relaxed into an inner intention for the trip. Like he instructs in the book, I didn't try to find the intention, I let it find me. Letting it find you means that you sit quietly and create a space for an intention to show up. You know it's the one when it shows up because it will feel right. I realized that more than all the coffee farms and water adventures, I really wanted to connect with my self compassionately.