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If you were fulfilled right now, how would you move through life each day? How would you respond to situations? 

I am here to teach you to live in fulfillment now and how to continuously evolve that fulfillment.


The truth (yes, really) is that you already have it within you - you are whole. This work becomes about remembering and unlocking that knowledge, which has been concealed by limitations you have unconsciously adopted.

Stop Waiting for Something to Happen. Start Creating Health Now.

Burnt out, Drained, Frustrated, and had enough. Something felt off

This is exactly how I felt when I was about to begin playing my final year of basketball and studying for an MBA. I experienced great pain from not listening to myself. I had stopped listening to my body, and stopped feeling like myself. When moving into a new apartment for an MBA program, I felt so much unfamiliar stress. My head was numb. I felt lost. I was overwhelmed. Through a couple difficult injuries I noticed a shift in my life and started to see life differently.

I knew there's more out there for me. I began observing how I'd been thinking and feeling on a regular basis to try and understand where this stress was coming from. I began learning about holistic health and fitness and getting into what I now call "the zone." I began questioning what I was truly passionate about and what I was not. I began making choices to align my life with what brought me joy. I moved beyond the fear around disappointing others. I began making choices for myself - and not for others. I started to drop the expectations of others. I began understanding how I wanted to think, what I wanted to feel, how I wanted to act, and what who I wanted to become.

Even though it was hard, I was committed to this new journey. This new way of being. I began experiencing joy, gratitude, direction, my own intuition, a deeper understanding of my faith and how to return to my own center.

Do you relate to any of the following?

  • Had enough of your self-sabotaging habits.

  • Frustrated for reasons you're not aware of that keep you from optimal health.

  • Not really quite sure how to get your act together to take actionable steps forward.

  • Feel like living healthily is complicated.

  • Feeling emotionally drained, stopped feeling like yourself.

  • Wndering how to live your own life and drop the expectation of others.

  • Wondering when will things change for the better?

You're in good hands 🤝

What you will learn:

  • How to define a vision based on the true desires that light you up

  • What a fulfilling and whole life looks like to you

  • How to take command of your health physically, mentally, and spiritually

  • How to respond during moments of adversity

  • Effective practices to make great decisions

  • How to be present and focused for your life.

During this program, you will get the powerful combination of the best of my knowledge, personal research, experience as a college athlete, and a unique set of tools, techniques, and a strong process to follow. Each session builds on the last so that you can continually practice and implement the key things I teach. Even after we’re done coaching.

Health is a constant evolution – thinking you can just learn a few things and be done isn’t realistic (I learned that the hard way, too!). This will take time, effort and in some cases, trial and error. I will help your learning curve, but every body is different. This is not a one step solution. This is not a quick fix.

This is a series of important lessons for you to implement in your life so that you can build a foundation that supports you for years to come and gives you an everlasting state of wholeness.

Ready to learn more? Schedule a introductory call to hear about my 4 month Whole Coaching Program. 

I had a wonderful experience working with Solomon. He is truly passionate about what he does. His genuine willingness to help and extensive knowledge regarding mindfulness and meditation creates a perfect foundation for his success as a coach. I would definitely recommend to partner with him in order to bolster your toolkits towards striving toward a calmer and worry-free way of living.
- Maria M
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