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Who you were, Who you've Become

“I’m going to close my eyes for this,” I told my business coach as I was feeling the discomfort and struggle of getting clear on my ideal audience, a common activity to help coaches get clear on their niche. I had helped various people who wanted help with mental performance, breaking self-sabotaging habits, and becoming more mindful; yet, it was a challenge for me to arrive at a clear message that really resonated for me and potential clients. They have this sense that there’s something more in life…” I continued, “and a sense that something is bothering them, whether it’s biting their fingernails or some other sabotaging habit…” This exercise with my eyes closed continued for a few more minutes as I described more elements to the struggles I had and the real hope and confidence based on transformational knowledge and sustainable, reliable tools I had learned to help overcome these limitations.

“Can you describe for me young Solomon,” my coach said to drive the exercise further, “not in the I was statements, but as I see a man who and describe how he was struggling.” Interesting I thought, as I re-closed my eyes, and recognized the similarity to a meditative practice of looking at your life impersonally. “And describe when you were ready for this awareness, because that’s the pivotal thing. You’re working with clients who are ready for this [transformation]. They see the need for it.”

I went on to explain my journey (similar to what I shared with ITN on article below), the internal struggles I had, the signs that led to change, the knowledge and tools I learned, and the healing I gained. After that she read to me, while my eyes were still closed, what would soon come to help me clearly define my audience. As I listened to her describe my journey as a way of seeing who I am here to help serve, it brought tears to my eyes and released tension in the back of my head. “You’re so much closer than you think you are to who you’re here to help,” She responded graciously. I felt lighter and at peace.

This exercise of describing who you were and who you have become is powerful. It has brought me clarity and a heartfelt sigh of relief. I recommend it, even without a coach or another person. There’s benefit to closing the eyes and speaking out loud, untangling thoughts by verbalizing them.

Is their a change you’re seeking in your life? Write it out. Talk it out. Listen to what’s calling you.

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In the case in reading good books is not to see how many you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you — Mortimer Adler in How to read a book
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