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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Ever since returning home, things have been great and continue to be great! Awesome opportunities are coming and the creative juices are flowing. So, I wanted to share a couple things that are really generating joy from within:


According to our Sages, there are 3 pillars on which the world stands: Torah, Tzedaka (acts of kindness), Tefila (prayer). Tzedaka (charity) being one of the pillars is often spoken about in its redeeming powers. Giving to another one’s earned money is an expression of true kindness.

The reward for Tzedaka is greater than the initial giving, like a tree and fruit coming from a a single seed.

When you’re truly living in a state of abundance and money (which is energy) flows to you with ease, how would you act with money? We would be excited to give to others! When we’re in a state of joy, we naturally extend and express ourselves outward to others because we are so whole. When a person is feeling grateful and whole, it’s impossible to want anything - wanting implies lack - so the action to do is to give. Giving places the giver into a state of receiving, which is why the reward is greater than the initial giving.

In the past, upon seeing a homeless person, thoughts like, “well, how do I know what they’ll do with the money,” would arise in my head. However, what I have learned is that what they do with the money is not under my control. I am in the position to give, that’s what I can control.

Where they’re at

I met with a business coach this week to gain some strategic advice on building my practice and he shared something that really hit home. It is something I, and I am sure you, have heard before, but it clicked this week; perhaps, as it aligns with the theme of the Hebrew month of Elul: To meet your clients where they are at, then bring them where they need to be. In Elul, there is a metaphor that addresses exactly that approach. Namely, the King is in the field. Whereas when a king is in his palace, in his regal garb, and met only by those of high position, when the king is in the field he is approachable to all - so long as the person desires to meet him. When the king is in the field, he comes to the level of which everyone can understand him ie he meets them where they are at, the field. Then, the king makes his way back to the city and his palace which alludes to ‘bringing them where they need to be.’ This lesson provided great assistance in how I can improve my business and attract clients.

Also, I received a very generous email from a reader last week about how, “although [she’s] not Jewish [she]… will be reflecting and creating a vision for next year.” Even though I may use concepts and ideas from Judaism, I hope these messages reach all who need to hear it. The King in the field is also reflected in meditation and taking time to be with yourself. When we take time to simply be present and allow what needs to be looked at - internally the thoughts and sensations - without distracting ourselves with technology, food, bodily urges, and the various other types of distractions, this is the King meeting us where we’re at, healing us as we make the space to allow the healing to occur. If there is something, an experience, or a topic you seem to keep thinking about recently, make some time this weekend to sit with it and listen objectively (On Meditation & Equanimity) with your eyes closed.

Then, if you’d like, let me know how it goes!

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