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The redemption of the Jews from Egyptian slavery starts here. So does our own redemption

from our own negative inclinations.

The portion Va’eira covers the first seven plagues with which G-d punished the Egyptians. Each of the first seven plagues – blood, frogs, lice, beasts, disesasediseases, boils, hail – slowly destroyed the Egyptians' arrogance, while hardening Pharaoh’s heart.

Each plague slowly removed Pharaoh from his power over the Jews. The ‘hardening’ of Pharaoh’s heart removed his free choice and ultimately forced him to subdue to G-d’s divinity and eventually let the Jews escape. In our own lives, Pharaoh’s loss of power reflects consciousness and control in our selves. Failing to confront our own plagues hinders our true potential.

In “Ten Ways to Destroy Your Life,” Rabbi YY Jacobson explains how the Kabbalah (Jewish

Mysticism) teaches that every human is comprised of ten characteristics that correspond with

the ten plagues. The first plague of blood is said to be a symbol of destructive confidence. The Nile River expressed Egyptian confidence and pride, which was perverse and corrupt. Our confidence should build our spiritual character not ignore it.

G-d through Moses forced Pharaoh to let the Jews go. So too should we let ourselves go in order to break free the plagues that inflict us. Just like G-d made Moses master over Pharaoh, He wants us to master our own “state of psychological dysfunctions.”

Click Here to read “Ten Ways to Destroy Your Life,” Rabbi YY Jacobson.

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