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The Sea Split, So what?

What can the splitting of the sea teach us about our mental health and approach to life?

The 7th day of Passover marks the splitting of the Sea of Reeds. Until I read the discourse Recurring Exodus by Menachem M. Schneerson from 1974, (mentioned Newsletter Issue #7), it never occurred to me that G-d could have created any miracle to save the Israelites… Why would G-d choose to split the Sea, as it is said: He transformed the sea to dry land?

Beyond the miracle occurring to save the Children of Israel, it has a deeper meaning. In the discourse, it explains the difference between aquatic creatures vs terrestrial creatures to demonstrate what the ocean and dry land symbolize spiritually. In short, “aquatic creatures denotes created beings that vividly sense G-dliness” and “terrestrial creatures reflects created beings [that]… feel as if they exist independently from G-d.” This is because aquatic creatures are submerged by water, whereas terrestrial creatures are outside the earth, and can’t live submerged by it (M.M. Schneerson also addresses that the need for air reminds terrestrial creatures that they rely on G-d). When the Jews walked through the ocean on dry land, the fusion of the ocean and dry land demonstrated that “the land is dry and yet is part of the ocean.” In other words, there was a revelation of G-dliness that was previously concealed. The Children of Israel were able to retain their identity (feeling of separateness) while experiencing revelations of G-dliness.

We may think that in order to connect with Source, we need to lose our identity and get away from the world. However, the splitting of the Sea revealed the possibility of revealing (and purpose to reveal!) G-dliness amid the world.

I think this teaching can show us and remind us that everything we are doing can be mindfulness or meditation by who we are being. By being mindful, everything we do becomes a mindful activity, rather than leaving mindfulness to a certain action we do. Thus, we can “walk through the ocean on dry land” and express G-dliness in all of our actions, which is also the best of expression of our health.

I hope you enjoyed this takeaway! Drop a comment what can you learn from this miracle? 🌊🚶🏻‍♀️🚶🏻‍♂️🌊 And Stay tuned for more notes and reflections from this book.

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