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Seattle 2020

Seattle Sights, Sounds, Activities, and Lessons. Traveling during COVID-19.

June 24 to August 9, 2020

If you have read my previous travel blogs, you may know that prior to and/or during the trip, I create an intention for what I would like to experience. In addition to the purpose of this trip, which was to clean up and renovate my parents homes in Bellevue, I'll write down some activities I know I'd like to experience and how I'll feel when I am living them. Why? The end product of an experience is an emotion and by planning what I'd like to experience it actually elevates the moment. Plus, it creates a long term memory which is the multiplication of information with emotion. If the emotion is zero, it doesn’t matter what the information is because it won't stick.

What follows are not only great experiences and adventures, but also meetings and lessons throughout.