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Reflections from a 10 day silent retreat

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

I recently was interviewed from a mentor, friend, previous podcast guest (link to my podcast), and Naturopathic Doctor Adam Rinde (his website) about meditation and equanimity (blog)

If you'd like to hear the full interview, watch the video below or listen on The One Thing Podcast.

In the interview, I shared what meditation is and how it benefits health and other areas of life, including some references to how it helps on a scientific understanding.

Prior to the interview I shared with Dr. Rinde what I had written after the retreat based on journal entries I wrote during the retreat. As you may read below, I reference quite a bit of Torah passages. This is partly because I was working through fear that manifested in religion and because I really appreciate the beautiful poetry in psalms and other stories from the Torah, which I can relate to my personal life.

Some parts were blacked out as I felt they may be too personal or they just would not make sense to the reader.

My intention is to share the following: the technique, how meditation works, and how I worked through different challenges that arose.

In reading it I hope it helps you understand what takes place internally with meditation and how it can be a valuable tool in breaking habits, improving health, and raising perspective.

Download PDF • 4.00MB

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