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Power of (making a) Choice

There are many books and informational resources about the power of choice. While these often refer to our free will and ability to choose our response to an event, this short post is about the power of making a choice, including what happens when we make a decision.

We have options to choose from that appear equally attractive and we feel stuck like Buridan’s Ass. Without getting too much into the story, it’s possible to get lost in contemplation trying to make the right decision. Yet, it’s important to realize you do have a choice - that’s the power of choice.* Once a decision is made, though, it focuses your attention on what needs to be done. Now you’re in action and in decision rather than confusion and indecision.

Last week I was deciding on going on a trip or not. Opinions were running around in my mind, but I realized, ultimately, that a decision needed to be made: go or don’t go. I decided to get a ticket. And here’s what’s powerful about finally making that decision: Once I bought a ticket, it allowed for the inflow of a newly scheduled appointment for my coaching services and a new testimonial about my services. The time spent in indecision also closed off other opportunities and rewards. I was relaxed and focused on going on the trip, which allowed me to be present.

If you’re feeling tense about a decision to make, that’s great! Rather than resist it, be real and listen to it non-judgmentally or equanimously. Then, make a decision. You know which one is aligned with your soul.

*choose what excites you

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