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Living in the Moment

Quotes I’m Pondering:

“If you go to the root (of the problem) it takes longer, but it lasts longer”

–Jay Shetty on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

“Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed –there’s so little competition.”

–Elbert Hubbard

Lessons from my dad (the most interesting man in the world):

Start healthy habits now!

Since I was young, my old man taught my brothers and me too be vigilant in whatever we do. Whether that was packing our bags for a trip, biking to swim practice, or driving our cars, he made sure we did it the right way. I have come to the conclusion that he could be a little – okay a lot - tough at times; however, I know my father’s intentions came out of the purest love one desires.

Although doing the right thing rarely seems fun for a young stud, doing the right thing leads to much more fun in the long term – another valuable, to say the least, lesson. It is difficult to start healthy habits - eating, sleeping, walking, thinking, you name it – but as I’ve learned from elders and experienced a little, life gets tougher. So, why wouldn’t we get stronger earlier? That was my exact thought. Hence, my drive to improve my life in every way so these healthy habits will become second nature and I can take control of my life.

Thanks Papa B!

Torah Portion, Matot:

Matot recounts different events that occurred during the last year of the Jewish people’s journey in the desert and into Israel. One of the events was an attack by the Midianites. The Midianites attacked the Jews out of “simple, baseless hatred” (Daily Wisdom).

One of the many valuable lessons we should implement from this Torah portion is finding joy and happiness in other’s success. A baseless person is also ego-centric and, therefore, feels threatened by the success of others. We have been in a situation where we secretly felt pleased when someone we are in competition with suffers. Whether it was sports, school, or just regular games I know I had times when I unrightfully hoped other’s would fail so I would succeed.

However, I learned that true success is focusing on other’s good qualities and cheering on other’s success! This truth has been taught in cultures around the world and resonates positively through us all.

App I’m using:

Imagine your ideal study or reading environment, particularly the sounds. For some it may be the background noise of a coffee shop, or the birds chirping in nature, or cuddled up inside during a rainstorm. If I could paint the perfect morning where I am reading or writing, it would be all the above. Sitting outside of a coffee shop and listening quietly to the background sounds of nature.

Funny enough, I came across this app called Noisli (not sponsored) that allows me to bring all those sounds at once! We’ve all been to the perfect coffee shop, yet the lighting is off or the people are too loud; or, outside, but we couldn’t find a comfortable spot and we’d attract all pesky little mosquitos. Now, I can sit inside free of the potential discomforts and listen to the ideal background noises that bring me to a sense of productivity or relaxation.

Daily Habits:

One of the first things I do in the morning – usually after I do Tefillin (which I will explain in a later post) – is meditate. Meditation has so many definitions and can mean so many things to different people; however, after listening to Light Watkins on The Model Health show and Feel Better, Live More, there are many myths about meditation. In a future post, as I gain more practice and knowledge about it myself I will dive more deeply into it.

I have been doing meditation for around two years now most commonly with the app Headspace. Similar to the science behind gratitude, there are many, many studies that show the unbelievable benefits one can get from meditating.

Foods/Drinks I’m trying:

MCT oil baby!! This jam packed natural energy source flies me straight to happy land or productivity paradise – for me happiness is productivity. Blended with some coffee from Starbucks or my Four Sigmatic lion’s mane coffee (click here for $10 off your first order) and you better believe I’m crushing the day!

I kid you not your brain will be on focus mode, like an IPhone X on portrait mode super focused and producing great quality.

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides (another name for fats) and is metabolized differently. While most of our food would be considered Long-Chain Triglycerides and broken down at a slower rate, MCT’s are metabolized and absorbed by the body quicker. “This makes them a fast energy source and less likely to be stored as fat” (Healthline).

One of the benefits of being on a high fat diet is the feeling of satiety. In addition to longer lasting energy, MCT can also assist with being full on less food.

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