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H.B.O.T THat!

In the past month, I tested out Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) twice at HBOT America and highly enjoyed it! HBOT is a therapy in which you breathe 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. According to research from the Amen Clinics (read for more information), “your lungs can take in up to 3 times more oxygen than they do when breathing at normal air pressure. This is beneficial for the treatment of injuries because your brain and body need higher amounts of oxygen to heal damaged tissue. The increased oxygen from HBOT is transported to the brain and body via the bloodstream to accelerate the healing process.”

If you follow me on Social media (Instagram, Facebook), you may have read a post from when I first tried it out, but today I’m writing to you after doing it for the second time.

I first read about HBOT in The Concussion Repair Manual by Dr. Dan Engle (featured podcast guest episode 23), along with the other technologies I’ve tested out, and it sparked my interest. Our brains must have oxygen in order to generate the energy to function and HBOT increases the level of O2 available to the brain. I felt like the tension in my temples was being inflated with air and I was in a dreamy state. When finished, I felt like my ears popped after being under water. According to Dr Engle’s book and how I felt, some benefits include:

  1. Improved brain and tissue oxygenation

  2. Nerve growth & repair

  3. Increase circulation & oxygenation

  4. Decreasing Inflammation & Oxidation

  5. Improved Cell Signaling & Function

  6. Relieving Scarring & Debris

During the second session, I sat (as opposed to lied down) in one of their vertical chambers. I did it before Shabbat and practiced a guided meditation from Dr. Joe Dispenza called the Changing Boxes Meditation inside the tank. Additionally, earlier that day I came across an email from Jason Goldberg about a visualization exercise he heard to visualize and speak with yourself 10 years from now. I decided I would do it inside the HBOT Tank! This was a very rich and rewarding, not to mention a vividly visual experience. As I visualized opening beautiful sliding doors that seemed to be inside a loft, I saw myself 10 years from now standing and holding hands with two kids on one end and a woman on the other end. I started speaking with myself who told me he was holding hands with his (my) wife and children. The questions that arose in me to ask were about (1) my parents health , (2) how business, spiritual growth, and learning are, and (3) what the era of the time is like. He responded that my parents health is great and to my second question that things are better than I can imagine, thank G-d. And to the third, he wittingly responded that I’ll have to see for myself. My future self is very confident, collected, and has a great sense of humor. Later that weekend, I spoke with my close friend (shoutout to Chayim who reads this newsletter!), who brought to my attention that these must be three main things I think about. It was an epiphany and explains the release of tension I felt in my body when conversing with my future self and the feelings of joy I felt from the responses he shared.

I’m definitely going to test out some more HBOT sessions and highly encourage you to try, along with the visualization exercise, which helps zoom out and focus on how well things can turn out. Remember: where our focus goes, energy flows. The more we focus on what we do want to see happen, the more we’ll see it happen. It may even unfold better than we can imagine. I’m sure I’ll continue practicing different meditations in the HBOT tank too!

Here’s a list of my favorite healing tech I have now done:

  1. Float Tank

  2. HBOT

  3. Cryotherapy/Cold Water Immersion + Fire & Ice

  4. Sauna and Infrared Sauna

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