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But What if it Doesn't...

I started helping a client in my program שhole and in the first pillar we discuss the individual’s vision, written in the past tense, during our time together (4 months), as well as 3-5 years from now. One of the objectives of defining a vision is to get out of the analytical part of the brain and into the creative center, allowing the individual to imagine an ideal picture of their life. Frequent questions that arises are “well, what if it doesn’t happen? I don’t want to be so invested that if it doesn’t happen I get let down.”

Let us resolve this worry, as really it’s a hidden script keeping the person in a place of limitation, a facade of ‘protection’ from stepping into greatness.

Is the vision we describe going to manifest exactly as we envision? No, most likely not. However, we have the creative power to define what it is we want. We are not G-d, but G-d grants us this partnership of creating with Him. One of the main purposes and realizations of this creative activity is that, in combination with meditation, we can evoke the emotions that we imagine this vision to generate within us. When we write out a beautiful scene of our life as if it has already happened, it can bring up emotions of celebration, joy, gratitude, and the like.

Emotions are very strong and very important. Can they be misleading? Yes, and it requires deep awareness and listening to understand what truly our intuition (through the feelings and emotions) is telling us; to differentiate between a feeble desire, like for a salty snack when we’re feeling sad, and real internal guidance, like to go to this place today for no reason other than feeling to go there. This is another topic in itself. Emotions are what often what guide us to making decisions, as they give birth to the thoughts we think, i.e if we feel pleasant, our thoughts will be pleasant and vice versa. It takes great awareness and focus to think positively when we’re not feeling ‘our best,’ but it is possible and highly encouraged - if not an obligation - because ultimately the emotions do begin in the brain and the thoughts we think. With our mind we can tell our body how to feel. Furthermore, with practice, we can program the body to feel aligned with a vision we create, which will then have it guide us towards events in alignment with that vision - as I have often written about in previous blogs, especially the travel category.

I think we would all agree the greatest expression of your life, the best outcome, whatever it may be, will include elevated emotions of joy, gratitude, and a love for life. Hence, when we define an ideal vision which includes the emotions it will generate, we are aligning with the greatest expression of our life. But the vision itself is not what we’re attaching to. We define the vision, but are not confined to it. I have an idea of my ideal vision and one key element is looking at my beautiful hands and fingernails, which represents triumph for overcoming the bad habit of biting my fingernails. In that vision I imagine different elements of what else is going on, but I trust that focusing on improving this character trait, leading to beautiful nails, will unfold a reality greater than the vision I defined.

Now comes the balance of intention - defining a vision - with surrender - allowing for things to unfold in a way better than we can imagine. An important lesson to realize is that we can generate these emotions inside of ourselves rather than waiting for something outside of us to determine how we should feel. This would leave us victim to circumstances, on a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

Additionally, tapping into the elevated emotions widens our perspectives so we’re not so reactive to things in that occur in our life - a person yelling at you, a car cutting you off, or the like. Even if we do react, which is okay, we are aware of it and can return to the wholeness of the moment, without resistance of what is.

Be compassionate with yourself, have fun, and get out of overthinking. Connect with your inner child and draw out that beautiful image. The brain usually limits if and how it will happen.

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