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Being over Having

There are a couple lessons I return to for Creation:

Quantity over Quality

There was once a pottery teacher called Brian. One month, he decided to split his class into two groups. Group A had to make a pot every day for 30 days (so 30 pots in total). Group B had to work on a single pot for the whole 30 days. At the end of the month, Brian judged the quality of the pots. Without exception, every one of the top 10 pots came from Group A, the guys that made one pot per day. None came from the group that focused on perfecting their single pot.

This story reminds me to get over perfectionism and to produce often, with the trust that the quality is improving.

Being over Having

I have been reading Anything You Want by Derek Sivers and he has a chapter called It’s about being, not having. In the chapter, Derek explains how he often spent the extra time learning to do things on his own rather than pay others do it for him. “To have something (a finished business) is the means, not the end” he writes. To be something (a good singer, a skilled entrepreneur, or just plain happy) is the real point.“

It has been a great reminder to be patient and to enjoy learning new things, like building a coaching practice, even if it may take longer.

When you sign up to run a marathon, you don’t want a taxi to take you to the finish line - Derek Sivers

What sense of perfectionism is holding you back from creating? And What are some areas in your life or business that you could spend time learning rather than delegating? It may take longer, but in the long run it may be worth it!

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