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April Update

Welcome to what was once a weekly update. I have taken some time refocusing and below is a little introduction to updates.

Click the video below to get a sneak peak on next week's episode of the Ebb & Flow podcast!

In addition to recreating the podcast, what have I been up to?

Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Months ago I had a post about clarity I received with my passions. Since January, I have been studying to be a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach to expand my knowledge of holistic health in a well structured way. By learning more about health I am able to know what is essential for me to be at peak health mentally, physically, and emotionally. Thus, I am able to be a catalyst for positive transformational change in the lives of others.


This is my second online course from Mindvalley and I love it. Prior to taking the course, I had been thinking about my life in various categories - health, character, emotion, career, etc. - and wanted to organize all of my thinking and visions. This is a vital tool I created. My Lifebook is a tool I use to clarify and organize all of my thinking in to an efficient, useful, productive system that propels my abundant .

Lessons from Papa Boris (the most interesting man in the world)

If you asked for it, turn around and enjoy it!

My father loves to remind me of some choices I have made, but this is one I truly enjoy. It reminds me that I made a decision and, thus, will turn around and enjoy it. When I can enjoy the decision, I can create a way to love it or change it.

Short-story I love

I finished listening to the audio of Lead The Field by Earl Nightingale and absolutely loved the timeless wisdom. I especially liked this short story in it:

One day a man was watching a professional football game on television. His 5 year old son kept bothering him so he took a page of the Sunday paper with a full page airline ad on it showing the world, the planet Earth shown from space. He tore the page up into a dozen pieces and said, "here put this together with tape and show daddy how smart ya are."

Then he went back to watching his football game.

In a surprisingly short time, the youngster had the picture all back together. It wasn’t very neat but it was a very good job in deed for one so young. "Hey that's amazing," the father said "how did you put that world together so quickly?"

The little boy said, "there was a picture of a man on the other side. I just put the man together and then the world was all together."

"That's right son," the father said, "when a man is all-together, his world is all together too."

Quote I love

I really like this quote and have been referring to it recently. There are times when I am around people who have clever words, but their presence seems off balance. This quote helps me choose wisely who to listen to and why. Also, it helps me question why this person's presence may feel off to me.

Instead of new calendar year goals… Try this

It's already April, so why am I talking about new year goal-setting. Well, my 23rd birthday is coming up on May 2 and for a couple years now I have used my birthday as a time to reflect and choose new-year goals. After all, a birthday is one's own personal new year. Over the month of April, I have been asking myself questions and reviewing the past 11 months to see what has been working, where I'd like to improve, how I'd like to improve as a man, and more.

If you find yourself getting overwhelmed in January, try setting your birthday as time to consider how your past year has been and set a vision for the next year.

Catch more previous episodes of my podcast on my website here or on Youtube here

Got any ideas for me to write about? Have any comments to share? Please do so in the comments section of my site

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