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שׁ The Logo I chose

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I recently ordered some business cards that came in (photo below)! The logo I chose is the 21st letter (out of 22) in the Hebrew alef-beis (alphabet), the Shin. Beyond simply being a letter with a sound, each letter has a numerical value, and is a vessel/channel for Divine Creation. There are a few reasons why I chose it to represent the services I offer, which also reflect on me:

  1. My Hebrew name, Shlomo, starts with the letter Shin. When there is a dot above the right side (שׁ) it makes a "SH" sound, and an "S" sound with a dot over the left (שׂ) . In honor of King Solomon, instead of a dot ·, I put a 👑 crown on top-- clever right? 😉 Additionally, and perhaps more so, the letter itself looks like a crown, so the crown on top represents sovereignty over one's health, as the following reasons will shed a light on.

  2. Health is holistic. Like a 3 legged stool, one's physical, mental, and spiritual health are vital to the whole. To represent the wholeness of health - and my approach to it personally and in coaching - each of the branches or arms represents the mind, body, and soul (the soul being the leg with the crown above it).

  3. In Hebrew Solomon is Shlomo (שלמה) which means wholeness and peace.

  4. The numerical value of Shin is 300, 3 times 100 - the number that represents perfection. Our physical, mental, and spiritual health can each be whole like the number 100. As the great Jewish philosopher and physician Maimonides believed, I too hold a firm belief that “that our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects can work together in great harmony — if we desire to make it happen.” (The Wisdom of Maimonides, mentioned on Issue #2 of my newsletter)

  5. It is important with one's health to create the balance between firmness / confidence and flexibility / improvement. 2 of the 5 definitions the letter Shin has are "steadfast" and "to change for the good." As I mention in the Intro to my podcast Ebb & Flow, we are able to be in whole health regardless of the external circumstances.

To read more about the letter Shin, as well as other letters, checkout this article -- the primary source of information about the letter I used.

If you're interested in getting some coaching, this page will help :)

Updated Logo as of April 2022:

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